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Not everyone owns their own home, millions of Americans rent either a home, apartment, condominium or townhome. What many of these renters don't understand is that their own belongings are not protected under the landlord's insurance policy. Sure, the landlord does have the actual building structure covered against fire, hail, lightning, tornado and other incidents that would jeopardize the value of their property, but they don't have a policy that will replace the belongings of their tenants in the event of a catastrophe.

By law, they can't purchase a policy to do this. The reason being, the landlord does not have an "insurable interest" in the tenants belongings. The TENANT has the insurable interest, it is the tenant's responsibility to protect their valuables and belongings in the event of a loss.

Now, here's the good news for the tenant: Renters insurance is not very expensive. As a tenant, you are not purchasing insurance on the dwelling structure itself, only on your contents-your "stuff". This is where insurable interest works for you. You don't have an insurable interest in the building (walls, bricks, windows, etc) because you don't own it, the landlord does.

If you think you don't need renters insurance, you are wrong. Your home could be burglarized while you are at work, or think of the possible devastation you might suffer if the guy next door to you accidentally started a fire in his apartment? Wouldn't you be better off with the peace of mind knowing that your belongings would be able to be replaced with a renters insurance policy?


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