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Homeowners Insurance Quotes:

What Factors Go Into Homeowners Insurance Quotes?

For many Americans, owning a home is a life-long dream. Families save money for a down payment, do their best to maintain their credit and seek out the best mortgage rates so that they may have a house payment they may live with for the next 15-30 years. But often times, that same family does not know what factors affect the pricing system they get on their homeowners insurance quotes. Here are a few major factors that affect the homeowners insurance quote you obtain from your insurance company:

  • Amount of Insurance being Purchased
  • Age of the Home
  • Deductible being requested-Higher deductible means a lower insurance premium.
  • Fire record (also known as the "Key Rate") of the fire department close to the home.
  • Is the property in the city limits? (Applies to Fire Record).
  • Construction Material of the home.
  • Previous claims history of the insurance purchaser.
  • Credit history of the proposed insurance purchaser.
  • Security devices the home is equipped with. (Fire extinguisher, deadbolts, etc.)
  • Safety devices the home is equipped with (Alarm system, indoor sprinklers, etc.)
  • Multi-policy discounts for the insurance purchaser (a discount for also buying your car insurance from the same insurance company, etc.)
  • Proximity to Coastal Water
  • Types of Animals on the property (vicious dogs, etc.)

While these are not the only factors involved in determining the price for homeowners insurance quotes, they are the major ones that most homeowners insurance companies use in determining the proper pricing for Homeowners Insurance Quotes and Homeowners Insurance Policies.


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